Nursing Pads&Baby Sets

Shop range of products designed for women and children. Our organic nursing pads, wipes and towels are hypoallergenic and will last long to support the zero-waste lifestyle. 

Nursing Pads up to 4 Months

2 pads in each set

Nursing Pads up from 5 Months

2 pads in each set

Newborn Set

Mommy&Baby Set

There are 2 nursing pads, 5 pads 10 cm, 5 pads 7 cm, 1 towel 20x20cm in the set.

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Exclusive Collection

Handmade Product
Since I discovered the washable pads, my life changed. Practical, economical, ecological – I am a huge fan. Wash in the small bag provided for this purpose and store in the cloth bag – what can be easier. My daughter even has one with her name on it. I love it Delphine, France

“Pads are very good at removing make-up. I don’t even wash them in the washing machine, simply after each use I wash them with soap and rinse. It really is a great alternative to cotton disposable pads or wipes and I know That I don’t produce waste, which is great!” Diana, Latvia

“I use bamboo and cotton wipes to wash my face every night with lavender organic soap, I use the bamboo side to wash, and soft cotton side to rinse the face. I very much appreciate the softness of this product, also nice colors and especially the opportunity to reuse the product over and over.” Alexandra, Belgium