Massage with essential oils: 90 min

We offer an aromatherapy massage with gentle toning and enveloping manoeuvres based on Thai, Swedish and Californian massage techniques. The stretching,  mobilizations and the pressures slipped along the energy meridians will activate the reflex zones. All together it will improve the beneficial effects of the massage.

Each massage is adapted according to the person’s needs.

Vegetable oils and essential oils are organic and carefully chosen.

Traditional Thai massage: 120 min

Thai massage is an ancient healing practice known for more than 2,500 years. Massage is performed on the floor on a futon, without using oil. The technique is composed of acupressures along the energy meridians, joint mobilizations and stretching from Yoga postures. Thai massage rebalances the circulation of energy flows in your body and dissipates the tension.

Thai foot  reflexology: 75 min

Reflexology is based on the principle that the feet are like the representation of the human body: each reflex zone corresponds to an organ. According to Chinese medicine, the sensory nerves from internal organs that spread throughout the body, are mainly gathered around the soles of the feet. Pressure applied to these areas localize(ease) the tensions and to restore the circulation of the vital energy of the body.

Enjoy an aromatic foot bath followed by a plantar massage.


We offer effective treatment for the feet classic pedicure (without any nail polish). The excellent result of the intensive nail and cuticle treatment persists for more than two weeks. Classic pedicure includes steaming(soaking?), then removing dead skin or calluses on the feet. In case of cracked heels, a cotton disc with Thai F.G. L. Lotion will be applied on your heels for 10-15 minutes. After that soften skin will be scrubbed with pumice and then rinsed with water. Afterwards, trimming fingernails and cuticles. At the conclusion  – wiping feet with a towel and applying moisturizing foot cream. 

Face Skin treatment: 90 min

We do a skin check-up before each facial procedure to establish the beauty treatment that suits you best. A gentle facial treatment will be adapted to the needs of your skin using natural and organic products. You will leave with advice and a new daily routine. Each treatment ends with anti-ageing facial osteopathy to promote better circulation and tissue oxygenation.

We use oils, hydrosols, clays, extracts of plants, flowers and fruits with organic certification during each facial treatment.

Pregnancy Body Massage: 90 min

We are very sensitive to motherhood. This massage is completely adapted for women expecting a child. Physiological positions for more comfort, organic massage oils for massage will provide the body full relaxation, lightness for heavy legs and above all a connection with your baby.

Price List


Aromatherapy massage 90 min
40 euros
Traditional Thai massage 120 min
60 euros
Organic Face Skin treatment 90 min
50 euros
Pregnancy Body Massage 90 min
40 euros
Thai Foot massage 75 min
30 euros
Pedicure (without nail polish)
 + Thai Foot massage  150-180 min
50 euros
Yoga – group session 90 min
10 euros
Yoga individual session 90 min 
30 euros
Yoga Therapy – group session 90 min
10 euros
Yoga Therapy individual session 90 min
30 euros

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