The beautiful scent of rose hydrolat is only one of the benefits this product can offer. 

What is rose hydrolat?

Rose Hydrolat is natural water was collected when plants are distilled to extract their essential oils. It is obtained by steam distillation, gentle and slow, which allows all the active ingredients to be retained. It takes 100 kg of rose petals to obtain 100 litres of hydrolat and 25 ml of essential oil. Turkey and Bulgaria are considered to be the main producers of roses in the world. Rose petals distillation comes from Arab countries centuries ago. 

What is it used for?

Rose hydrolat is suitable for all skin types. It is gentle and restores damaged skin, as well as soothes redness and other skin problems such as eczema. Rose hydrolat is a great anti-ageing remedy.

Moreover, its unique aroma gives psycho-emotional comfort for women. It supports and emotionally delights new mothers, pregnant women and strengthens the mother-child bond. So many benefits in one bottle.

How to use rose hydrolat?


Hormonal changes during pregnancy can induce new upheavals on the emotional level as well as on the fragility of the skin. Rose hydrolat will regulate the mood swings and support major body changes. When the woman goes into labour, the rose hydrolat will accompany the sensitivity of a moment of birth and will open the desire to love and to be loved. The maternal bond will be made naturally and the emotional connection with her baby too. 

  • To help yourself during labour or to calm down diffuse rose hydrolat in the room or spray-on yourself
  • To calm skin itchiness, spray on your skin

I personally used rose hydrolat during all period of my pregnancy. It helped me to calm some skin itching, to prepare myself emotionally for all these upcoming changes. And during the labour, the diffusion in the room gave me serenity and concentration. As if I was in my bubble and felt connected with my baby. This also helped me to ease physiological childbirth. 

It was also my way of welcoming my child. A child welcomed with the rose scent will have a special and tender affinity with this aroma all his life. 

  • Spray in the room or even on your chest. 


Baby’s skin is extremely fragile. It is very thin and does not yet have all of its defences.

The rose hydrolat will prevent and heal redness or diaper rash. Sometimes tap water can be too aggressive for newborn skin, but rose water rebalances the baby skin pH.

  • Apply rose hydrolat on a small washable organic cotton wipe and cleanse your child’s skin. 

Your baby will quickly get smooth and soft skin thanks to rose hydrolat healing and regenerating active ingredients.

A quick simple recipe for a diaper change.  This cleanser gently cleanses without rinsing. It can be also used for makeup removal:

  • Mix 1:1 aloe vera gel and rose hydrolat in a small bottle. I advise preparing in small amounts like a 50 ml because aloe vera gel and hydrolat must be stored in the fridge or at room temperature for 1 week.

Our washable wipes are really suitable and will make cleansing your baby easier. Rinse the wipes after each use with water or little soap if necessary, then wash in the washing machine at 40-60C. Don’t forget to put the wipes into net laundry bag for For I use big wipes for cleansing during a diaper change and small for face cleansing. Check our newborn sets for more information

How to choose rose hydrolat?

Like any other product necessary to understand what you are going to buy. Sometimes cosmetics brands sell aromatic water with synthetic molecules calling this a hydrolat. Here is what you need to know before purchasing any hydrolat:

  • Hydrolats are neither an infusion of plants nor a drop of essential oil in water. Read the label carefully.
  • Make sure it is 100% natural, pure and organic – the quality is very important. 
  • There shouldn’t be any preservatives like sodium benzoate and alike. 
  • Check the list of ingredients for a binomial name or in Latin. For example, Rosa Damascena flower water for Damask rose or Mentha X Piperita water extract for peppermint.
  • Choose hydrolats in a tinted bottle because they are very mild and fragile.

Where do you buy the hydrolat?

You can easily find damask rose (Rosa damascena) or May (Rosa centifolia) hydrolat in organic stores.

Personally, I use rose essential oil diluted at 3% in jojoba vegetable oil and the smell is already very powerful, which I add to my perfume. aromatic balms and anti-ageing creams.

How to store the hydrolat?

  • Hydrosols are sensitive to the development of bacteria and to the light. Once opened keep in the fridge for a period of 2-3 months maximum (especially for internal use).
  • For cosmetic use only it can be stored at room temperature for about 3 weeks.

We hope this article was useful. Share your experience and leave comments below!