Roman Chamomile Hydrolat (Anthemis nobilis or Chamaemelum nobile) –  essential comforting friend.

Roman Chamomile hydrolat is very popular and personally, I love to use it. But what exactly does it do and what to use it for? This hydrolat is called roman because it was identified in Rome back in the 15th century. We will discuss this later, first, let’s talk about where did it come from and what is it. The name chamomile or chamaemelum is derived from Latin or Greek word “khamaimelon” meaning earth apple. Its scent subtly reminiscent of sweet apple, honey and flowers.

What is Roman chamomile hydrolat?

Roman Chamomile essential oil is the concentrate of the plant. But hydrolat is obtained by steam distillation. It is a gentle and slow process when all the active ingredients are retained. This is the part where the water has passed through the plant loaded with aromatic molecules. You will find the hydrolat below essential oil after distillation. 

Did you know that it takes about 200kg of flower petals to obtain only 300 g of essential oil? Hence its rather high price but so effective. The hydrolat is more commonly used because the virtues can already relieve pain.

The main producers are France, Poland, the United States and Italy. It is one of the best-selling plants in the world, because of all the therapeutic virtues it offers and for its softness without having side effects.

What is it used for?

There are plenty of reasons to use it:

  • Roman Chamomile Hydrolat is very good to relieve minor ailments. It is suitable for sensitive, itchy, oily types of skin. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic properties. Also, it repairs and regenerates damaged skin, as well as soothes itching.
  • Because of sedative and analgesic properties, it can be used especially for toothache, and also relieves burns, cuts and eczema rashes.
  • Roman Chamomile will be a real ally in digestive disorders. Drink it as a herbal tea after a meal.
  • From a psycho-emotional perspective, Roman Chamomile is perfect for the whole family. For example, for babies who cannot calm down in the arms of mum, who is tired by the interrupted nights as well. And of course, the dad who has a lot of work and cannot recover from a short night. Roman Chamomile hydrolat is comforting and soothing, it provides a real recharge for our nervous system.

How to use Roman chamomile hydrolat?


Hormonal changes during pregnancy can induce new upheavals on the nervous level but also on the fragility of the skin.

  • Chamomile Roman hydrolat will have a profound effect on the regulation of emotions and behaviour. It will help to reduce mood swings.
  • Its calming action facilitates relaxation and sleep.
  • It will calm the fire and ease the transition between action and rest. Can be used for getting into a meditation or nap session quickly (for young mothers). I recently read that it was seen as a light and a messenger of peace.
  • It helps to release emotions and bring more peace and serenity. You can spray it in the room or even drink it by diluting it 1 tablespoon in a litre of water.
  • For breastfeeding women, Roman Chamomile Hydrolat will heal and prevent nipple cracks, it will provide real relief in the initiation of breastfeeding which is not always easy at the start.


Roman Chamomile Hydrolat suits children thanks to its softness and effectiveness.

  • For Irritated eyes, diaper rash, a small cuts spray Roman Chamomile hydrolat on the area, it will relieve the pain but also repair and regenerate the tissue.
  • For changing baby make rinse-free cleanser: mix 1:1 aloe vera gel and Roman chamomile hydrolat in a small bottle. I strongly advise to make it only in small portions because this cleanser can be kept at room temperature only up to 2 weeks. Simply store hydrolat and aloe vera gel in the fridge and mix again whenever cleanser finishes. By the way, you can use the same cleanser for makeup removal as well. Because it is very soft and pleasant to the eyes.
  • For teething after 3 months, spray directly into the baby’s mouth on the painful gum. This will quickly relieve the pain and support your child during this difficult passage. I plan to share a quick recipe soon that I used for my child to help her fall asleep faster, avoid frequent night awakenings and soothe the pain quickly during her teething.
  • For sorrows and separation anxieties, especially at night, Roman chamomile hydrolat will balance and facilitate the release of emotions accumulated during the day. Spray inside the mouth 3x per day.
  • For baby’s digestive problems, such as colic and spasms, add 1 tsp directly into the evening bottle or spray directly into the mouth once a day. For children and adults dilute 1 tsp of Roman chamomile hydrolat and 1 tsp of basil hydrolat in 1 litre of water. Drink during the day. 


Roman Chamomile Hydrolat is excellent for soothing and balancing discomfort-prone skin, you can add it to your cosmetic preparations (cream, makeup remover or just as a face and eye lotion.) 

Eczema cream recipe

For 50g of cream you will need: 

  • 30 ml Roman chamomile hydrolat (soothing)
  • 5 g of aloe vera gel (repairing, moisturizing, soothing)
  • 15 ml borage oil (repairing, soothing, softening)
  • 3 gr of shea butter (skin regenerator, calms and relieves)
  • 5 gr emulsifying wax olivem 1000 
  • 0.5 g of cosgard (a preservative used in organic cosmetics)
  1. First, disinfect the equipment with 70 degrees alcohol. 
  2. Put the hydrolat and aloe vera in the same container. Keep it at a lukewarm temperature by adding hot water like in a water bath. This will facilitate mixing and homogeneity with the oils.
  3. Heat the borage oil, shea butter and emulsifying wax together in a bain-marie.
  4. When the emulsifying wax has completely melted, add the hydrolat and aloe vera. Mix it until the texture is like mayonnaise.
  5. Slowly add cosgard a drop by drop.


It has an affinity with water as well as with air. Because of the subtle and ethereal scent, it has a very high vibratory rate which directly connects with the crown chakra by liberating and calming the nervous system. It will connect to the chakra of throat and plexus, thus helps to release emotions and the appeasement of the nervous system, and digestive system.


How to choose Roman chamomile hydrolat?

Like any other product necessary to understand what you are going to buy. Sometimes cosmetics brands sell aromatic water with synthetic molecules calling this a hydrolat. Here is what you need to know before purchasing any hydrolat:

  • Hydrolats are neither an infusion of plants nor a drop of essential oil in water. Read the label carefully.
  • Make sure it is 100% natural, pure and organic – the quality is very important. 
  • There shouldn’t be any preservatives like sodium benzoate and alike. 
  • Check the list of ingredients for a binomial name or in Latin. For example, Rosa Damascena flower water for Damask rose or Mentha X Piperita water extract for peppermint.
  • Choose hydrolats in a tinted bottle because they are very mild and fragile.

Where do you buy the hydrolat?

You can easily find Roman Chamomile hydrolat (Anthemis nobilis or Chamaemelum nobile) hydrolat in organic stores.

Personally, I use rose essential oil diluted at 3% in jojoba vegetable oil and the smell is already very powerful, which I add to my perfume. aromatic balms and anti-ageing creams.

How to store the hydrolat?

  1. Hydrosols are sensitive to the development of bacteria and to the light. Once opened, keep the hydrolat in the fridge for 2-3 months at max. Especially if you use it internally.
  2. For cosmetic use:at room temperature – up to 3 weeksin the fridge – between 3-6

We hope this article was useful. Share your experience and leave comments below!