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There is no age limit when it comes to skincare. Mamirabelle washable wipes suit even the most fragile baby skin. This newborn set in white will help you to keep zero-waste lifestyle even after your child is born. Use the washable wipes as you usually do with disposable cotton pads, except that you can use it between 300-400 times more, which is economical and ecological. The perfect size of our wipe is comfortable to use.

There are 10 pads 10 cm, 6 pads 7 cm, 3 towels 20x20cm, 1 baby wash mitt in the set.

How do I use the washable wipes, towels and wash mitt for my baby?
  • Use the wipe cotton side for baby’s sensitive face skin together with a hydrosol or just water. The bamboo side of a wipe is the best for wiping your little explorer’s hands that have a lot of dirty stains. Simply apply water or cleansing oil on the wipe.
  • The bamboo towel is easy and comfortable to use instead of large towels.
  • Use wash mitt during baby bath time. Soft bamboo fabric cleans and doesn’t irritate the skin.
How do I care for my washable wipes, towels and wash mitt?

First, wash in a washing machine at 40 degrees (Max 60 degrees for stubborn stains). Then, dry in a clothes dryer at a soft cycle or in the open air to be really ecological.

Why am I using a laundry net bag? 

Although the laundry net bag is optional, we strongly recommend it. It is practical because wipes from the newborn set in white can already air dry waiting to be washed in the machine. Therefore, it will be more efficient and easier to store in the laundry net bag. Without it, you may find the wipes in a garment or the rubber in the machine. As a result, the washing may be of poorer quality.

What fabric do I use for washable wipes, towels and mitts?

BAMBOO fabric is 90% bamboo viscose, 10% polyester, OEKO-TEX CERTIFIED, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and contains no harmful substances. COTTON fabric is Organic CERTIFIED GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) – eco-friendly and proves that the fibre is 100% organic and excludes chemicals. The origin of fibres guarantees that it is respectful for the ecological aspect and social criteria. Velvet cotton – it is soft and smooth, ideal for applying cleansing milk and oils. These wipes are suitable for fragile and sensitive skin.

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