Bamboo Towels in grey


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Bamboo Towels in grey shades will add a little classic touch to your house. Make your home eco-friendly and zero waste. These antibacterial towels are real budget savers. Reuse them up to 300 times!

There are 3 towels in the set. 

BAMBOO fabric is 90% bamboo viscose, 10% polyester, OEKO-TEX CERTIFIED, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and contains no harmful substances.


Use the bamboo towel to remove clay masks or scrub.


Use the small eco-friendly bamboo washable towels as an alternative to a paper towel for zero waste approach. Very absorbent towels allow to remove stains, clean your kitchen, bathroom, toilet, dust off the furniture.

Small tip: add a little white vinegar for even more efficiency.

How do I care for my washable towels? 

First, wash in a washing machine at 40 degrees (Max 60 degrees for stubborn stains). Then dry in a clothes dryer at a soft cycle or in the open air to be really ecological.

Why am I using a laundry net bag? 

Although the washing net is optional, we strongly recommend it. It is practical because your bamboo towels in grey can already air dry waiting to be washed in the machine. Therefore, it will be more efficient and easier to store in the washing net. Without the net, you may find the towels and wipes in a garment or the rubber in the machine. As a result, the washing may be of poorer quality.

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