About Us

in zero waste from a to z

Our story

After my lovely daughter was born, I was shocked by our bin bags amount. One day, I decided to count diapers that have been used in 24 hours, as well as disposable cottons and disposable wipes. The big bag of trash that wouldn’t compost for years…what damage had I been doing all this time? How much more would I do?
This was a turning point in my “from thinking to doing”. I bought reusable diapers and made a few washable pads and wipes for my baby daughter. Then I decided to use them for my needs as well and sewed more&more. My friends quickly took interest in the pads. And here we are today, bringing our product to the world.

Sylvia Lisette Boitteux


Only the Best

Organic and Certified fabrics

We use GOTS and OEKO-TEX fabrics for our product. These certificates prove that the fabrics were produced without the use of any chemical inputs. The fibre is 100 % organic and guarantees that it is respectful for the ecological aspect and social criteria.

Our Mission

Changing your perception of waste became our mission. We want to show more people that there are alternatives and possibilities to live differently, to live zero waste and respect our planet. We made our company to lead you in this path and to succeed in reducing waste completely.


Meet Our Team


The cutting fairy. Maija’s precision and accuracy are her lucky charms. She stands for our products perfect shapes.


Tailoring master. Ingrida takes care of every stitch, making sure the final product has the highest quality.