Bio-liniment is inherited and native recipe in southern France. It was used during baby’s bathtime to protect the skin from diaper rash. This is 100% NATURAL product –  a mixture of olive oil and limestone and very popular in France.

How does it work?

The liniment can be easily replaced with cleansing milk for cleaning baby’s skin after changing a diaper. It reduces irritation, prevents redness and diaper rashes. This texture leaves protecting oily film on the skin to retain babies’ skin natural PH balance. 

The liniment is particularly suitable for delicate and sensitive skin types.

Shake the bottle and apply the liniment on organic cotton or bamboo washable baby wipe and clean the child’s skin.

You don’t need to rinse it. The thin oily liniment’s film protects fragile skin from feces and urine that create redness and diaper rashes.


Pour a mixture in a pre-cleaned and disinfectant bottle:

The liniment will have a cleansing milk’s texture.

for a thicker texture you can add 2g of bee cream for 100 ml of liniment, melt gently in a bain-marie with olive oil.

LIME WATER PRECAUTION: Lime water is a solution of calcium hydroxide with a pH around 12. It is very alkaline, we advise you to do all the manipulations with your gloves on and away from your eyes. Once mixed with oil it is safe to use and is a very good cleaner.

Store for 6 months away from the light and heat. Shake well before use.

How else can you use it?

  • For the cradle cap – apply directly on the area, leave all night and rinse gently the following day without rubbing. The liniment helps to detach cradle cap naturally
  • For baby acne – apply a fine layer on the skin and leave it
  • Makeup removal – apply a few drops on a cotton or bamboo washable wipe and clean your face. Then apply toner for the skin PH balance to finish the routine
  • For sunburn – apply directly on the area
  • For cracked nipples healing – apply on the area and rinse before breastfeed

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Take care of your children and the planet.