Skin is the largest organ for toxins elimination in our body. It removes more than 25% of the gathered toxins during the day.

Lymph’s main function is to cleanse your body. But due to the high saturation of toxins, this process can’t be done correctly. Your skin is like a mirror. It directly reflects your inner state.  And when the liver or the kidneys are no longer able to cleanse, the skin steps in and waves at us with a huge pile of skin problems and impurities. What to do next?

A diet plan full of fruits and vegetables is the first big step towards detoxication. But this won’t be enough. The lymphatic massage using a brush is a wonderful method that gives quick results. 

This massage activates the lymphatic circulation and sebaceous glands wash away the toxins. The benefits of massage or scrubbing.

  • the feeling of comfort
  • soft and luminous skin
  • cellulite significantly decrease
  • better skin texture-reduction of blackheads
  • good blood circulation

Choose a face and body brush made of wood and natural bristles. You can take our ecological washable wipes. It works very well as well. In this case, use the cotton side of the wipe for face and bamboo side for the body.

Massage your skin once a day for 5 to 10 min.

Our aim is to bring the lymph to the lymph nodes. Use our summary diagram below to do it right. The main rule is to go up from the bottom to the top of the body.

At first, massage gently. You will feel a slight warming feeling. After a few days, you can put more pressure.

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