My family loves camping. And I do my best to keep my bag organised and not heavy. These 3 things work great as a pharmacy and essential cosmetics. So if you prefer to travel with a light-weighted bag, then save this post for your upcoming trips. My top 3 choices are:

  1. White clay
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Tea tree essential oil

How do I use them?

1. White clay

  • it replaces both  SOAP and Shampoo, moreover, it doesn’t pollute the river. White clay is cleaning and degreasing properties. I take my little stock with me on each trip. But you can find clay in the forest or in the river- it will do the trick as well. By the way, I found last week on the Cesis side.
  • In case you can’t find potable water, use clay to purify the river water. Add one spoon of white clay and wait 30 min for the clay to go down and you are ready to drink.
  • For diarrhoea, you can drink the clay. It will capture bacteria and toxins and eliminate them through the digestive system very efficiently.
  • injuries, burns or open wounds – the white clay provides healing and maintain a state of balance
  • using it as an occasional deodorant and toothpaste

2. Coconut oil

 Even if white clay can replace its use, to have oil is still essential, to dilute essential oils, or to protect the skin from chapping.

How we will use it?

  • brushing teeth is one of the essentials, its antibacterial and antifungal action (it can be combined with white clay as well)
  • natural deodorant (it can be combined with white clay as well)
  • sun protection with UV index at 8. Although, it is not very high still helps. I have already had experience in the forest where I was exposed to the sun more than expected. All in all, I avoided getting sunburned with minimal protection.

3. If I can take only one essential oil, it will be the tea tree.

  • my magic wand and first aid kit. Tea tree essential oil is a purifying and antibacterial ingredient. It helps in emergency situations, especially if you are far from home. 
  • it fights with respiratory infections (bronchitis, tonsillitis, sore throat, otitis), skin infections (abscess, herpes, scabies, ringworm), buccal infections (mouth ulcers, gingivitis, caries), urinary (cystitis, mycosis), intestinal (amoeba, intestinal worms.
  • tea tree oil is very gentle and well tolerated by adults and children.


clay in powder

coconut oil – organic and virgin

essential oil – check our previous article

I also pack a few washable wipes and towel for poultices if needed to heal a wound. They are useful without fail. I always take a small towel, 2 large wipes and 1 small wipe. You can choose your own set here

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